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About Us
We here at Cumberland Creamery are a Family Owned and Operated business. Larry and Janelle O'Brien-Owners have owned this creamery in Cumberland, RI since 2008. We are here each and everyday working very hard and we keep adding new items to the menu. Come by and say HI to their children Mykaela who is 3yo and there new edition is Mykenzie who just turned 1yo on April 1, 2010. Janelle worked at Shaw's for 10 years as a cake decorator. She does all the creating of each cake, pie, cupcakes and any ice cream dessert. We treat each and every customer as our family, so if you have any ideas or comments please let us know. Please make sure you check in with us all year. The menu does change with new items coming and some are going... Please let us know if you or anyone you are are buying ice cream for are allergic to nuts. We use one freezer and dipwell for nuts. We even use seperate containers for sprinkles for nut items.... WE ARE NUT SAFE environment, you dont have to worry you will be safe. So "THINK INSIDE THE CONE"
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